Sales Policy

All sales are Non-refundable, Non-changeable; Non-transferable. Full Payment is required to start any process of any order. Once after any order is made, it's done. Whether to accept the best service or not is only buyer's responsible of each buyer's decision of concurrence. No refund will be made from whole or in part even if buyer decides not to receive or continue any service that purchased. The result of any error or omission in making payment of any incorrect amount more than actual sale amounts will not be adjusted. Less than actual sale price also will not be process and not refundable. Missing timing in receiving any service that already purchased are no repeatable; not refundable at all, as well.

For the wholesale process, any problem in dealing with any customer will be full responsible of Agents or Retailers who make the sales.  ACROSS TTC reserved the right to deny any service to any person or to any business or to any retailer or any reseller or any agent with or without any portion of refund if with inappropriate abuse or behavior to any of our services or to any order in which or to any person who process the purchase or the service.  The deductions of transaction fee or /and processing fee are always applied once after a purchase order or a paid invoice is made if any portion of the paid amount is refunded. There will be no refund  at all even we deny from seller's side if a purpose found in trying to abuse just to get refunded. Please read carefully what we clearly stated here before you decide to purchase any service or product from us.

We work to bear the trust to establish our business for long term existence as well as we'd like to respect all consumer to do business with us as our repeat customer. Thus, ACROSS TTC coaches all its officers, employees, team members, retailers and resellers to practice all services with respect, courtesy, elegant; pleasant manner.

Therefore: as at the same level of communication, body language and respectful manner in showing appreciation are expected from all consumer, and politeness of meaningful response and comprehensible rationale related cooperation by all customers and travelers are strongly recommended.    

 Signed Herein: 

The Owner/Founder